born in Sueca (Spain). Studied trombone, piano, singing, chorus and orchestra conducting, musicology and composition with R. Ramos, E. Cifre and M. Galduf, at the Conservatory of music of Valencia. He attended master classes of composition with Mauricio Sotelo. Master of Avanced Studies (Polytechnic University of Valencia). He has also participated in master classes given by: L. Balada, J. L. Castillo, B. Ferneyhough, B. Furrer, C. Halffter, T. Hosokawa, M. Lavista, J. M. López, Luis de Pablo, J. M. Sánchez-Verdú, R. Sierra, S. Sciarrino, M. Trojan… Winner of prizes of composition he was First Prize of the Instituto Nacional de la Juventud (2004), Oïda (2001), Prize Luis Morondo (2007), Matilde Salvador (2007), better original music short films (Mostra de Cinema Jove de Elche, 2011 and K-Lidoscopi, 2012) and finalist of the Bell’Arte Europa (2005), Pablo Sorozábal (2001) and ALEA III International Composition Prize (2007). He received commissions from several official and private institutions as well as from numerous individual performers such as: INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture), JONDE (Young National Orchestra of Spain), CDMC, IVM (Valencian Music Institute), Auditorio Nacional (National Auditorium), Fundación Carlos de Amberes,  Fest-Clásica, Grup instrumental de València, Dynamis Ensemble, Ensemble Residencias, Nexeduet, Kontakte grup de percussió, Amores Grup de percussió, NEXEnsemble, Duometrie, B. Ambrosini,  S. Aparici, TDM Trío de Magia, Andrés Gomis.


Show repertoire

His works have been performed in Spain, Europe, USA and Latin America; by ensembles as Solists Intercontemporain Ensemble, Proyecto Guerrero, Arditti Quartet, Court-circuit Ensemble, Grup Intrumental de Valencia, Residencias Ensemble, Espai Sonor Ensemble, NEXEnsemble, Zahir Ensemble, NeoArs Ensemble, Plural Ensemble, Ensemble Kuraia, Grupo Enigma, Symphonic orchestra of Castilla and León, JONDE (Young National Orchestra of Spain), Symphonic orchestra of Valencia, JOGV (young orchestra of Generalitat Valenciana) , Carnegie Mellon Ensemble, ALEA III, Trío Arbós, Brouwer Trío,  TDM Trío De Magia, Alter Face, Amores Grup de percussió, A. Sukarlan, P. Carneiro, C. Dierstein, M. Weiss, M. Bernadette, S. Aparici, B. Ambrosini, R. Capellino, A. Gomis, V. Minguet, X. Giner...

His works are published by Ediciones Piles and Rivera Editores.

He has been composer-in-residence of the Group Instrumental de Valencia, in 2001-02, and JONDE (Young National Orchestra of Spain), MNCARS (400 Auditorium at the Reina Sofia National Art Centre Museum) in 2009 and JOGV (young orchestra of Generalitat Valenciana) in (2009/10). He is developing his teaching activity as musical composer teacher at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Valencia. Moreover, he is the Artistic Director of the Mostra Sonora (International Festival of Contemporary Music) in Sueca and Ensemble Espai Sonor.